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HIGH NOON For Rugers. A tale of 2 holsters.

Posted by kr on June 29, 2011 at 3:37 PM

While nobody could predict the impact of the Ruger .380 LCP when it hit the shooting world. There has also been quite a shake up in the industry with the advent of the first polymer framed revolver that's produced in the United States. I'd owned a number of .380s and .38 Specials before, but never imagined that I'd own a "plastic" wheel gun: Ruger's splendid (Light Compact Revolver) LCR in 38+P chambering. 

Both the LCP and LCR have been widely accepted by shooters, and demand remains very high. With warmer weather finally hitting us in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere around the country for about a month now. Interest in obtaining a smaller gun for Summer carry, or buying a first gun seems to dominate the online gun forums. Finding a suitable holster of good quality to carry the gun(s) in are also popular topics as well. The good folks at High Noon Holsters gladly sent me two holsters for my small Rugers, in comparison to my larger CZs that is. With an evaluation period of around 2 weeks from the day they arrived at my house. I've tried to give each on equal time for concealed carry in that time frame.

As usual in my reviews.


I give readers a look at the holsters or products fresh from the box.


Looking firstly at the holster for the Ruger LCR in 38+P.


The SLIDE GUARD is among the most popular holster models from High Noon.

In the most commonly called "Pancake" style of holster.


This one is in natural horseshide- a material that I it won't stretch or

rot over the years like cowhide.



The SLIDE GUARD has a  15 degree forward cant and 1 3/4 inch belt loops.


Here is the S.G. after a few inserts of the LCR:


Featuring the high backed sweat shield or what I would call a safety shield if using  an automatic.

I'm not sure of the terminology, only that the Slide Guard remains my most favorite

of all HN holsters, with the HN "Need For Speed" as shown here:



 (in black horsehide) a close second.


Like most High Noon products.

Please not that this model is also IDPA approved!



This Slide Guard holster is hand crafted and hand boned/molded for a superb fit.

I've often had to take out the rubber grommet as found on most holsters

with an adjustable tension screw, but found this one to fit my LCR perfectly.


No real break-in time required for horsehide in most cases, although some holsters

might squeak a bit more than cowhide on your belt.

You can see the typical HIGH NOON quality shining through with the gold colored stitching.

Very even and strong. I have to say that im my over 10 years of using and reviewing HN

products. I've never had any problems with the stitching or any other part of the

numerous holsters, that wasn't my fault..

Should I do loose a chicago screw or tension screw through my normally hard use, they are soon to ship me the part free of charge!


From the super quality holsters to superb customer service.

You get more than you pay for with HIGH NOON.



Now forwarding a couple weeks, and you can see what the Slide Guard

looks like:



Still vibrant in color and construction, and a joy to carry.


You can really see the wonderfully strong stitching here on the back:


Marked LCR with the HN maker's stamp.


A view at the mouth of the holster shows that it has a generous opening and

no real need for a HN sight track. The mouth isn't metal lined but the horse-

hide is quite firm.


I've had no problem with my LCR holsters and using the tall XS tritium front sight.


The holster is both beautiful and functional from any angle.



With my LCR inserted into it- the Slide Guard  looks ready for business!


Once mounted on a quality belt like High Noon's Ostrich pattern embossed

Rock Steady belt.


The draw stroke is both firm and fluid. The LCR comes up smoothly from the

holster without much effort, but you know it's in there securely when carrying.




Unlike my SLIDE GUARD for my 2075 RAMI:


This SG for the LCR is a bit different, or at least to me.

It does take some skill to reholster on the belt, as you need to kind of slide it in from a rear

angle, by putting the nose of the Snubby into the back of the holster. Then pushing a bit forward, and  rocking downward. No big deal once you do it as couple of times, but something that I feel should be mentioned. This has gotten eaiser as the holster breaks in further.

Overall, the Slide Guard for the LCR is as wonderful as any other High Noon holster I've owned.



A superior material (to me) and a great design that's both fast on the draw, but still remains secure when needed.

Pricing? $89.95 for Cowhide. $119.95 for the Lined version,  and $129.95 for Horsehide.

One might be ideal for your  concealed carry needs.



Switching over to the holster for the Ruger LCP (Light Compact Pistol) in .380 ACP.


You can see that it's a IWB (Inside The Waistband) holster with straps for your belt.


I've owned a High Noon IWB holster for my LCR that was called the Bare Asset.


This featured a sturdy belt clip. After a few weeks of carry with the LCP holster, I much prefer the straps.


Some guys like the belt clip just fine, and at around $30 for the Bare Asset, it sells very well.


The new holster with straps is called the HIDEAWAY and is very nice to wear.

It's a low riding model, but didn't seem too low for me.


You might see the holes in the bottom of the straps?  According to HIGH NOON,

they are for relieving stress on the loops and preventing cracking where the loops

meet the belt..

Something I'd never have guessed -so I'm glad I asked.


Like most High Noon products intended for concealed carry. The Hideaway

has an adjustable tension screw.


In this holster's case, I tried to loosen the screw and insert the gun.

Had to take the rubber grommett out and then retry.

Still too tight, but I didn't give up.


Using the old plastic baggie method.


I unloaded the LCP. Stuck it inside a sandwich baggie- then put it into the holster.

Letting it sit overnight seemed to do the trick.


I was then able to remove the bag, then re-holster with some ease.

During week one, I had to kind of pull the gun out a bit then twist slightly for the

draw. Not much of a twist, but something I should mention.


(Now after 2 weeks of carry. I can say that the holster has broke in some and is easy to draw from.)

Looking at it from the front..

Constructed by hand and hand molded. The Hideaway is in rough out finish ( like most quality

IWBs) and has a metal lining and reinforced mouth- with leather sewn onto it, along with the

2 straps that are anchored by two screws. Then completed with two sturdy black snaps.


Marked LCPCT on the back side, and cut  to accommodate my Crimson Trace laser.

With the High Noon maker's stamp to the right side.



Typical goldish thread stitching that's strong and even throughout the holster.


This model is straight drop, meaning no cant or angle, and is IDPA Approved

for competition use.


It looks very good on a belt and carries quite nicely as well!


You can hardly tell that you have a .380 in your waistband.


The draw is smooth and re-holstering is no problem with the metal lined mouth.

I can't bend the mouth, so I know it won't close on me when I re-holster.

The holster also features an open end so any debris can fall through.


No sign of squeaking when worn on my HN belt, which is pretty good for out of the box.


The belt loops are cut for 1 3/4 inch belts, but 1 1/2 are optimum, with additional straps available

for purchase.

Price is a very reasonable $64.95 in Cowhide, with Horsehide at $104.95


You can find the Hideaway and other IWB holsters among the many other products at the

HIGH NOON Holsters website.







LCR SG Large:

LCP Hideaway Large:

Large 2:

NFS Large:


Large 2:








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