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DOWN UNDER THUNDER! High Noon's Fabulous IWB

Posted by kr on August 3, 2011 at 10:30 PM

In this review, I will look at a very popular concealed carry holster type:



"IWB" or more commonly known as "Inside The Waistband" to police officers

and armed citizens. Is comprised of a concealed carry holster that features either

belt loops or a clip to hold the holster on a belt or pants, with the holster body

inside the waistband.


One usually wears a jeans or trousers/shorts one or two sizes bigger than you would when

using a traditional belt mounted hoster in the" OWB" or "Outside The Waistband position".


I'm often new to modes of carry and can say that I've only came to the IWB method

in the last couple of years.


Firstly with the High Noon Holster  "Bare Asset" IWB holster for my RUGER LCR.

While rugged and secure with the belt clip, it didn't fit me quite right with my

'extra padding' as well as I thought it would.


I weighed about 70 pounds more last year than now- and

there is some extra room in my waistband that comfortably allows IWB carry.


Again, My  new IWB holsters have been from the good folks at HIGH NOON HOLSTERS,  and  really can't say enough about the cary method or quality of the holsters.


My last review of a HN product was of the HIDEAWAY IWB holster for my Ruger LCP .380

auto with the Crimson Trace laser guard.




Shortly after a two week evaluation of that holster and the HIGH NOON Slide Guard

holster for my Ruger LCR 38+P revolver.


I was so impressed.. that I requested a sample IWB holster in horsehide for my new (to me)

customized CZ 2075 RAMI P 9mm.


A polymer framed version of the chunky mini-gun that's modeled after the CZ40B

and Colt Z40s.  While the Z40s didn't fare well on the 1990s market, the RAMIs have

carved out a niche in the domain of the CZ faithful.


Being a quality carry piece,  the high quality of HIGH NOON products was a perfect match.


From the shop in Florida, to my doorstep here in Clarkston Washington. The wait time was minimal, about a week, and the holster looked like this from the box:


Looking  can immediatley notice the beautifully colored natural horsehide, and deep molding of the RAMI used  to make this holster.


This holster is listed by HIGH NOON- as a high riding model, with a 15 degree forward cant to  the holster.

Coming standard with 1 3/4 inch belt loops,  but 1 1/2 is optimal, with others being available.

The usual 'golden thread' stitching is evident throughout the body and in other areas.


This is very strong. No fading or fraying in all my years of owning HN holsters and other

carry gear from them.


When you order a HIGH NOON, you get this fabulous thread and tight stitching, every time!


Two very sturdy snaps, as they have to be with me being hard on holsters in general.


I prefer the snaps over the loops, but some  concealed carriers do fine with the clips.

Those clips from HN are generally well thought of be owners in comparison to other

makers and their less secure or poorly designed clips on IWB  holsters.


Hand boned molding for your specific gun model by the HN craftsmen.


As with some holsters in the extensive HIGH NOON line.

The Down Under- has a reinforced mouth to aid in reholstering and a sight track:


A feature that you probably won't get in any other IWB holster on the market.

Also a open bottom muzzle for any debris to fall through.



The holster was a perfect fit  from the box  for my RAMI P and it only took

minimal adjustments to the tension screw to get it to slide easily from the

holster. No need to remove the screw or rubber grommet like with some

prior holsters with the adjustable tension feature, but nice to know that it

can be done.


I do like the sweat shield on HIGH NOON and other holsters, as it does protect your body from the gun and the gun from any sweat if carried close to the skin.


I've had the safety come off a Combat Commander, by my boddy rubbing against the safety.

So that extra tab of leather or horsehide on holsters( called a Slide Guard by HN)  such as the PUBLIC SECRET, SLIDE GUARD or other HN products -makes some sense to me for cocked and locked carry with the RAMI or 1911, ect.

You can see the HIGH NOON trademark stamp on the back of this rough out finish holster.


The RAMI P and Public secret look quite nice together on my HN Rock Steady 1 3/4 inch gun belt.


Should a person add the HN DOUBLE TAKE magazine  pouch with some CZ-USA nickle plated 16-shot mags, it would look even better!

Like the IWB holster, the DOUBLE TAKE- has adjustable tension which is very important for gear that should last more than a few years. I've had and seen mag pouches (and holsters) that stretched out over time.


(My HN TIE BREAKER single mag pouch for my alloy framed RAMI is going on 8 years now,

and still looks and performs like new.)


You can see the same quality and attention to detail with the Double Take, as in the IWB

holster for this review. Strong 'golden thread' stitching and no sharp corners front or back.

A tunnel loop or belt slots in the back with two snaps. They don't come off easily.


Getting back to the DOWN UNDER IWB .  The draw is  and smooth and consistent , with little break- in needed in this case.


Unlike some belt mounted holster (OWB) there seems to be no new leather squeaking  with the

belt loops on this IWB model.

HN's matching DOUBLE TAKE magazine pouch squeaks a bit on my belt, but that's usual

with new carry gear, and still the case with my SLIDE GUARD for the Ruger LCR.


(HIGH NOON has a FAQ section that helps new customers with any problems like this

that's well worth the read.)


What can I say about the Down Under for the RAMI P or other RAMI models?


Fast,  yet still secure. Comfortable to the extreme and very handsome.


I like how it rides fairly high and very tight to my boddy.


Conceals very well under my "Shoot Me First" vest and my jackets, and more importantly-doesn't shift around in my waistbandor on my belt.

The sturdy and also handsome DOUBLE TAKE mag pouch adds that extra flair, giving you a well thought out and durable/comfortable  way to carry that critical spare ammo.




A cool $89.95 for cowhide, in a choice of black or tan.

Horsehide as shown in this review will be $129.95.


Cowhide: 49.95

Horsehide: 69.95


With the MLB World Series coming to us at the end of our Summer.


Whether you root for the Boston Red Sox, NY Yankees, or any other team.


You can always count on a Home Run,  with carry gear from HIGH NOON HOLSTERS!


Visit HN's website for more information.

Please us the LINKS section at the top right hand of  the GUNSTUFFS webpage to get there.
















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